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Primary Geo-Focus : FLORIDA

Action is the foundation
key of all success

-P. Picasso

Why Florida

FLORIDA: a paradise of work-life balance in the state that’s known for great weather, recreation, and culture – and also offers the affordable cost of living that allows you to enjoy all of these activities.

Florida is called the Sunshine State for a good reason. The average annual high temperature is 81 degrees F (27° C), while the average annual low temperature remains a comfortable 60 degrees F (16° C).

Florida remains one of the most desirable and affordable places to live.



Economy Strengths:
  1. International Trade (40% of all U.S. exports to Latin and South America pass through Florida)
  2. Tourism — with 87.3 million visitors in 2011 (a record number), Florida is the top travel destination in the world. The tourism industry has an economic impact of $67 billion on Florida’s economy.


Wealth is no coincidence

Do whats right, the right way,
at the right time !


Blue Coral way

Blue Coral team have been designing and building homes in Caribbean and Florida and unique prevailing regional climatic conditions for over 20 years and were proud to have been considered one of the top companies to work with by industry professionals.

We build and design homes, with top quality finishes interior and exterior.Our properties are the best.


VRM Business

Blue Coral properties are individual homes (single family units) or Condo’s which are either specifically built or upgraded for Vacation Rental Business.

There are hundreds of Builders, hundreds of Realtors, dozens of Vacation Rental Management companies here in Florida also there is over 19,000 available vacation rental properties. We are “set a side” above all others.


General Terms & Understanding

Blue Coral is a privately funded Real Estate development and MRC company. We are a boutique organization focused on single market segment and a very specific geo-target, Florida.

Blue Coral does business with individuals whom are interested in buying second home in the Sunshine state of Florida to be managed as “vacation rental property”.


Blue Coral Advantage

We as Blue Coral team think real estate is one of the best ways to make money and build wealth. Although we are not investment advisors we sell investment properties and we would like to show our customers how these properties create the returns, Here is why:

There are many ways to turn a profit with real estate, The Blue Coral way is the most profitable one.


not even a penny is risked

Predicting rain does not count,
Building arks does

-W. Buffet

Asset Acquiring

We are a boutique capital and development company focused on a particular real estate segment in Florida. We create very specialized interior designs and custom finish homes for Short Term Vacation Rental Market to generate very attractive controlled low risk returns for our investors across annual cycles and over the long term.

Blue Coral search to acquire high quality investment properties at discounts to replacement cost as close as possible to LBR value. We look for specific type f properties on selected neighborhoods. We then improve the properties with specialized products and expert staff adding tremendous value.
Our work result in high & very low risk returns for investors and stable economic assets for surrounding communities.

Asset sales & management

Blue Coral’s Core & Add Value approach woks with very specific and simple investment tactic, which is as old as the “commerce” itself.

As the asset goes through renovation to Blue Coral’s high standard and objectives are achieved we start the ‘asset management’ process with our exclusive VRM partner.

High return’s with VRM is achieved in one of two ways. (FGI) Fixed & Guaranteed income or EMI (Elevated Market Income) Decisions are made considering asset’s occupancy capacity, geo-target area and service extend of the segment.

Asset stabilization is the target, once this is achieved Blue Coral than would sell or keep managing the asset to its full potential.


Blue Coral properties by far the best investment real estate with high return while maintaining controlled risk factor.
Please view the comparison chart which is prepared based on hard data considering the current performance of our properties.

There is no catch here, data is not based on estimates. It is based on atual performance of existing units. Real Estate investment is not liquid,


How secure is secure investment

Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers points out that the investment profession itself can take significant steps itself to reduce risk.

“Real estate professionals who take the long view by warning their clients against buying at unsustainable highs or selling at unreasonable lows can help dampen the inevitable swings between optimism and pessimism that characterize all asset markets, including real estate,”.
The fact is America's real estate is the safest for foreign investment.

There are market swings, recession effects to Real Estate values. However Real Estate Core Value stays stable, the inflated market value fluctuates. Blue Coral buys & sells based on the un-inflated value to protect the asset from wild fluctuations.

attractive ROI’s based on hard data

Cost is what you pay,
The Value is what you get

-W. Buffet

Innovative Investment with 'end to end' control

Analyzing real estate investments is important. By doing so, you’re likely both to make smarter investments—and to avoid costly mistakes. Unfortunately, most individual real estate investors have no idea of where to even begin. This is where Blue Coral comes in, with our consultation your second home will be the best investment you will ever make.

We Carefully Calculate the property’s income capitalization rate. A key factor in your property’s return is its operating income


How DO I buy ?

Blue Coral simplified the process of purchasing second home to be managed as “Vacation Rental Property”.

US Residents : If you are a resident in any of the States and Territories of USA, with no further due contact to us right away and we will sell you one of our specially designed and market ready properties. We will evaluate your budget, your expectations and goals. We will present for sale units from our own portfolio (unit’s owned by Blue Coral). More than likely these will have historical performance data for you to review and make a very educated decision.


Fractional Ownership

Fractional ownership is a method Blue Coral also utilizes, which several unrelated parties can share in, and mitigate the risk of, ownership of a high-value tangible asset - piece of resort real estate. It is done for strictly for monetary reasons to accommodate investors with smaller capital.

Blue Coral accepts fractional ownership offers on our own currently operating assets. Fractional interest ownership, once used primarily with commercial tenants-in-common, has recently blossomed in the vacation home market. Not to be confused with a time-share or a destination club, fractional interest properties can be a sensible and profitable alternative to owning a second home. Participants (US Residents) maybe subject to SEC “Accredited Investor” procedure.

Different sets of rules and asset management style could be applicable depending on the amount of the investment, for further information please contact Blue Coral.

innovative approach, transparent execution

I think the most important factor in getting out of the recession actually is just the regenerative capacity of - of American capitalism.-W. Buffet