We selected the name Blue Coral for a reason. The real live blue coral is the only extant Octocoral with a massive skeleton, lives in South Pacific island coral reef’s. It is an extremely rare marine organizm, it has a super strong and massive structure representing strength and long life. Blue Coral grows few millimeters every 25 years or so. Unique color is an identifier as well as elegance.

Blue Coral PC in Real Estate Developing and MRC business is redefining how people make real estate investment decisions. By building specially purposed homes from ground up to place the actual client first.  Blue Coral paves the way for a new generation of investors to achieve their financial goals. We believe this is a rare opportunity to change an industry and build something new with specific image and goals. Something different, better. 

Our team of professionals carries over 150 years of experience from Luxury Hotel management to International Real Estate Brokerage, from Top – notch interior design to acquisition of assets and materials.

When every step and detail and nail is expertly studied, a chance of failure isn’t an option. Our properties create the best value, great income and secure & stable investment. 

Join us.