General Terms and Understanding

Blue Coral is a privately funded Real Estate development and MRC company. We are a boutique organization focused on single market segment and a very specific geo-target, Florida.

Blue Coral does business with individuals whom are interested in buying second home in the Sunshine state of Florida to be managed as “vacation rental property”.

We sell homes. We buy, fix & upgrade properties for this very specific market with highest rental income possible to the home buyer in mind. This is what we call “MRC” (Market Ready Conditioning) The work we do is highly specialized.

Our experts research the color scheme of the unit consulting with psychologists to create most welcoming atmosphere. We employ scent experts to determine most congruent fragrances to utilize in our homes to create relaxed mood of our guests. Mattresses are specially manufactured as well as specially designed custom made furniture’s for décor modules. Even Towels and sheets are imported, only the best. Every detail goes under tedious study by our persnickety experts. And we are very proud of that!

Blue Coral team studies every single detail and nail of a vacation rental home and provides solutions for nearly every demand of potential guests.

When a product is carefully prepared from scent to color, bathroom light to touch of a towel, the result will be un-disputably high success.

You already have a home in Florida which is underperforming?

Here at Blue Coral we would also take over your existing home in our geo – target area, study the product and possibly under take upgrading and managing the property. We would have to carefully evaluate the possibilities and make a presentation of our ideas. Please inquire.

Blue Coral is not a Real Estate Agent nor Broker. We do not receive compensation nor do not make commission for any sales or nor make sale arrangements of properties belongs to others. All real Estate agents & brokers are welcome to do business with us. Blue Coral exclusively work with a Licensed International Real Estate broker for its own transactions.

Blue Coral is not a Mortgage Broker. We do not receive compensation nor do not make commission for financial arrangement. We would however be happy to refer our clients for their financial needs with the companies we have communication with. We only make referrals to State licensed reputable lenders.

Blue Coral is not a General Contractor of any kind. We do not offer services such as “bathroom remodeling” or “kitchen upgrade”. We only perform MRC work for our own properties by hiring or employing general contractors to build our own designs and perform services to the company. We only work with licensed & insured individual’s or companies with impeccable track record.

Blue Coral is not a immigration expert nor visa consultant. We do however refer our clients to our exclusive legal advisor, an immigration lawyer, if requested. Our lawyer will help with aspects of this request and all can be addressed. If legal criteria are met, a visa application can be processed and maybe approved. Please note that buying a home in USA will not in anyway guarantee any kind of visa to the investor.