How DO I buy ?

Blue Coral simplified the process of purchasing second home to be managed as “Vacation Rental Property”.

US Residents : If you are a resident in any of the States and Territories of USA, with no further due contact to us right away and we will sell you one of our specially designed and market ready properties. We will evaluate your budget, your expectations and goals. We will present for sale units from our own portfolio (unit’s owned by Blue Coral). More than likely these will have historical performance data for you to review and make a very educated decision. If we don’t have any available unit to sell at the moment, we will refer you to our exclusive real estate broker whom will find the property matching your budget & criteria and our operating objectives. After purchase is done, we will take the property under remodeling and perform our none-matched MRC work (Market Ready Conditioning). As soon as conditioning is done, property will be handed over to our exclusive VRM company and you will start receiving your monthly checks. Simple.

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Climb high with Blue Coral.

None US Residents: The procedure is more – less the same for our None – US Resident customers. If you have no interest of applying to Investor Visa, there is no difference, you can purchase any home your budget allows you.

If you are also going to apply to an Investor Visa we will first Help you create a commercial entity here in Florida US, help you open your bank accounts and get all your commercial licenses. (We do not charge any extra or “consulting fee’s for this work you will only pay Legal Fee’s and Necessary expenses) As second step your file will be forwarded to our exclusive Immigration Attorney. Attorney will put together all paperwork, file application and inform you along the way of process. (We do not charge any extra or “consulting fee’s for this work you will only pay Legal Fee’s and Necessary expenses).

Home selecting and purchasing process remains the same, we will of-course create all paperwork in accordance with your Visa application process. Our expert staff will lead and inform you along the way.

For Further information please contact us.