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Blue Coral was born after identifying a specific need in the market of Short Term Vacation Rental business. Anyone who is involved in Real Estate and Home Market will tell you that Florida specifically Central Florida is (The Orlando / Disney) area is flooded with short term rentals, and this market is in direct competition with the Disney resorts, since many feel the advantages of staying on Disney property outweighs the disadvantages of staying in a hotel. Plus many do not even know that you can rent a whole house with a pool for the same price as a nice hotel.

No secret here.

The expertise comes in to identify what product specifically is flooding the market and also what is really that product represents. This issue goes three ways, owner to Management Company and to the end user, which is the guest. The triangle is somewhat underperforming as demand and supply is not only offset but also mis-understood.

That’s where the secret lays.

We tried to prepare this web site free of fancy abbreviations, complex math, charts; financial terms even bankers have hard time understanding. Our job is simple. We buy ordinary properties and we turned those into moneymaking machines. And we sell.

That is the opportunity; if you are interested we have all those CPA prepared fancily-abbreviated reports, complex calculations as well. Blue Coral believes in simplicity, monetary transactions & investments are made simple here. Based on historical, verifiable hard data. It is happening even now as you are reading these words. Some investor’s home is hosting a guest (a family or a company gathering etc.) rented out on premium rate, maintained professionally generating revenue to the owner. We know how to get premium rate on our assets and we know how to get those desirable bookings, our assets stands mile above others.

Yes, it is true market is flooded with many units. Yet, it is known that central Florida receives over 60 million tourist a year. Area only has 80,000 hotel beds. (This number includes every single available bed from Four Seasons to your average Bed & Breakfast “joint”). Math is again very simple. 60 million tourists a year need 164,000 beds. We have about half that available to serve. There is also 19,000 short-term rental property in service Averaging 25,000 bed. We’re still around 60,000 bed short.

We can build 2 more Disney and 2 more Universal and 2 more Four Seasons, Marriott’s and Sheratons and double the amount of all short-term vacation homes and we will still be underserving. Not to mention where the incoming tourist amount would be by the time we built all that?

Blue Coral identifies what’s necessary for existing units to be competitive and creates what the guest is demanding. That is the key of success for any home we design & built, every unit we manage.