Our investors

The second home market has always been a hot topic. Many experts (are experts in their own field Real Estate Developing, Building, Real Estate Agents, Designers… to name a few) studying this particular segment of Real Estate developing always looked into ‘home buyer’s desire’. Age ranges, lifestyles and income levels were studied deeply. Developers try to put together new designs ideas to attract customers to sell these units.

We are here to tell you that buying a second home isn’t about you! We are of-course referring to those who will be renting these homes to create a secondary income. If you enjoy living in a two or more property at the same time and keeping up with it, you may need a realtor not us.

Who are the of second home buyers, here are some market research findings: Vacation home buyers “make lifestyle choices… primarily for their own enjoyment.” These lifestyle choices are represented in the survey as vacations (41%), family retreat (31%), and to also act as investment diversification (28%). Of investment home buyers, on the other hand, more than half are seeking rental income (55%), and more than a third are looking for portfolio diversification 35%.

Many home buyers are looking for the amenities that support their active lifestyles. Activities of interest for Second Home Buyers are beach or water sports (37%), golf (29%), theme parks (18%), winter recreation (16%), hunting and fishing (12%), boating (9%).

Interestingly, 20% of second home buyers bought a property that their children could occupy while in school.

Armed with this information major players in the market are zooming in on “what the buyer is looking for”, Where everyone should be really zoomed in on “what the actual customer wants & looks for”.

The Actual customer is that family or individual who is going to be renting your home to stay, paying his hard –earned money to you.

Your second home is his “Vacation Treat”. We as Blue Coral team create that “treat”.

Our investors are mostly International business people who would like to own a home in a world-class destination, Florida. They enjoy their second home at times whenever they are in Florida visiting or vacationing. And when they are not Their second home becomes a Vacation Treat to someone, generating very significant income.