Pure business

We create core & value and great income through real estate so, It is purely business.

We are not Real Estate Agents, (FL Real Estate agents are excellent, we work with Real Estate agents, we welcome Real Estate agents. We are just not in the real estate buy & sell for a commission business).

We monitor the market very closely, monitor specific neighborhoods and new projects on specific areas. We try to find best deals combining our cash buy-power with strong negotiations. When it comes to buying the home we try to get to LBM actual cost as close as possible. (LBR: Land – Brick & Roof)

As the purchasing is done, we re-design and re-finish the home’s based on the demand represented by actual renters. Every detail, kitchen & bathroom design, colors, finishes; material’s are carefully selected after tedious studies by professionals whom are specialized with Hotel & resort development. All materials used are selected with long service life in mind, considering newest trends and customer expectations. We even calculate amount of steps from the pool BBQ area to nearest bathroom. We consider the “refreshment” times, how hard house keeping will be working. We take into account the life of the kitchen cabinets door - hinges, every detail and every nail is carefully thought of and selected from start to finish.

The end product “second home” is prepared as the most successful Vacation Rental Property of its category. We are so sure of our product we will even lease it back from you guaranteeing your rental income. This is what we call “Market Ready Conditioning” and this is our core business.

Here is our FIVE DIAMOND promise for a Five Diamond asset:

1. Style, with our ‘Diamond Style’ interior work, we bring international trends into your second home. We will achieve the best outcome for VRP and combination with your own style, our award winning Architects and Interior Designers will work with you.

2. TEAM, Our “small team focus” means your new home is built by local building companies, Licensed & Insured professionals, staffed by local people and trades.

3. SIMPLE, Along with a confirmed work start and a guaranteed completion date you’ll also have the reassurance of independent quality inspections. No surprises, we under promise and over deliver on every aspect.

4. FINANCE, We are not mortgage brokers. This means we don’t make commission from your mortgage. Our efforts to help & help only. There are few very reputable company we work with We will ask for their help and they will bend over backwards to process your application. If you meet the criteria’s you will have your mortgage.

5. ROI : (These fancy terms: Return of Investment) They mean to say how much money you will be receiving from this “second home investment”. If you buy one of our products, your average annual income will be approximately % 30 of your investment down-payment. Yes, you may read it again, % 30. (* certain amount of min. down payment may be required, certain restrictions may apply – please contact us for detailed calculation, each investment property yields different rates)

Here is one more promise :

You’ll always have someone to talk to if you have any questions along the way.

Feel free to ask as many questions as you want, as often as you need. Your Blue Coral contact is a walking wikipedia so go right ahead and pick their brains for information, insights, ideas and inspiration.