The corporation

Here’s where you expect us to over exaggerate “about us” right? Our excellence in service, how we do business, how we turn average home to profit bearing asset… But that’s not who we are. That’s the result of what we do.

Instead, to know Blue Coral we’d like you to know our belief about why we exist and what we hold true. We think what we do matters, because a new second home is so much more than just bricks and mortar. We believe a new second home should be the first step of a foundation to the stable & steady income, a palace to stay during vacation times and changing lives in the best way possible.

Any-one can buy "any" second home. A simple google search would show godzillion results and as investor / buyer you would make your decision on one. We believe the second home you will buy in Florida can very positively improve your annual income, create a great location to escape when vacation time comes and it shall be very well taken care of during work times.

We develop homes for vacation rental market in Florida, US. Blue Coral is a boutique & privately funded company, we’re not Realtors, we’re not General Contractors nor Mortgage Brokers. We don’t work for commissions or others. We buy homes with our own resources, we re-design every aspect of the home from top to bottom for a specific purpose and we sell homes when they are ready to make lots of money for their new owners. Sometimes we fall in love with our own creation and just keep them.

To us, the idea of a second home goes way beyond construction, or service, or design or style. It’s the very cornerstone of life’s hopes and aspirations.

We understand and respect that - and those who set out to create their dreams around a new second home. We appreciate the fragility of such visions and we exist to protect, enhance and nurture those ideas.

It’s why above all, we exist to create and enhance your second home in Florida !