VRM (Vacation Rental & Management) Business

Blue Coral properties are individual homes (single family units) or Condo’s which are either specifically built or upgraded for Vacation Rental Business.

There are hundreds of Builders, hundreds of Realtors, dozens of Vacation Rental Management companies here in Florida also there is over 19,000 available vacation rental properties. We are “set a side” above all others. Our success and success of our properties is no coincidence, We create the best with most reasonable cost and it is specifically designed for the market being served.

Search engine is important for bookings, however what sells is the final product


Our properties are most effectively upgraded vacation rental homes. We aim to create an incredible & unforgettable experience from Internet search for booking to stay. Our guests feel the escape to where iconic design and contemporary luxury set the stage for exclusive and extraordinary experiences.

Blue Coral creates homes with sensory environments where amplified entertainment, vibrant dining and lounge areas, modern bathrooms and innovative décor to create more than just a “rental home” experience, but a luxury lifestyle destination.

Creating a specialty product with the highest quality materials, managing the property with professional company and staff will result generating very significant revenue and a long lasting asset for the homeowner.

This is the Blue Coral guarantee to our home-buyer investors!