Leading Hardsurfaces, Hardscapes and FF&E supplier.
Design, Planning, Manufacturing & Purchasing, Cargo & Logistics, Implementation

We create a customized experience from manufacturing to procurement to turn-key services including design-to-installation

We have experience in managing manufacturing and/or procurement direct, including acceptance of risk for supply, as well as project management. We are eager to break the mold on how things have always been done and rely on the most up to date technology and alternate procurement activities to ensure our clients get the best product, on time and on budget.

Our people
Our people are experienced and personable with a strong track record of delivering on time and on budget. Our track record speaks for itself.

How we conduct business
Our customer and quality are always the end goal for us. We get to know the environment you work in with a style that is flexible, transparent, dynamic and stable.

We are responsible
Flexible and creative, at the heart of what we do is a respect for our clients and each other, seeing the value in what everyone brings to a project. Our team consists of experienced procurement agents who are fully integrated and engaged in the process. Many members of our team are former designers and hospitality industry professionals including founder Tufan Tabak. All members of our team live and breathe our company motto of accuracy, integrity, and reliability, and all decisions are based on the best interest of the client. Blue Coral specializes in commercial exterior hardscapes, in-room textiles (including mattress) and interior products (panel furniture and décor elements). We work with Design firms & Architects, Hoteliers, Developers, Contractors, Builders, Installers with a core competence in unique & high quality and technical products.
Our main business is based out of Orlando, FL – USA with purchasing offices in Canakkale - Turkiye.

We offer:
- Project design and know/how
- Product development and sourcing
- Quality Assurance & Testing
- Scheduling and interim storage
- Logistics
- On-site support

Projects we work with:
- Hotels & Resorts
- Residential Condo’s & Single Fam. Homes
- Commercial Projects
- Government Contracts
- Senior Living Facilities
- Social Spaces and more.

Harnessing the energy of our people to achieve the improbable.

For more than 20 years Blue Coral has been delivering exceptional building and
construction management solutions for our customers. We do create beautiful spaces!

Two of every three projects we develop in fact are from returning clients;
this success rate validating our approach to what we do.

We offer the most efficient design and build at the most economic cost through Blue Coral’s expert team, advanced planning of material(s) selection, site layouts and budget estimation. This helps avoiding unnecessary design changes and unwanted blowouts during construction.

Our design team delivers creative and innovative solutions that are created just for your project. Aesthetic and structural considerations are balanced to give beautiful outcomes while ensuring it remains functionally efficient and is of high investment grade.

We guarantee the contracted completion date and budget of your project by maintaining constant project supervision and ongoing communication with our clients to adhere to agreed design and construction schedules.

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When we launched our own “Le Soleil” products our goal was to develop the traditional textile production in the Aegean region, particularly in the Turkish Republic.
Our target is to ensure stability and high quality of materials and to provide innovative products that meet customers’ expectations and demands.
We are always delighted to persuade our clients with our responsiveness and innovation and become their trusted advisor. We are glad to meet all conditions that maintain continuous development of long-term cooperation with our business partners, and to promote and support our brands on the markets retail or wholesale.


Ever gone on vacation and realized you slept far better in your great hotel bed than in your own home? Those are the mattresses we manufacture. Innovation meets technology produces impeccable results.
Blue Coral and it’s exclusive brand “Le Soleil” bedding products follows a continuous and long-term development, proudly made in USA right here in our own factory located in Ft Lauderdale to ensure and strengthen its market position. Additionally, monitoring the global trends of new materials, technologies, techniques and uses. All these to be the leader in developing and producing high quality products for a wide range of customers and markets.

Furniture in-Room

We believe that everyone is passionate about creating value and wants to be valued for the work they do. Our integrated supply chain approach, from design to raw materials and production, delivers high quality products.
As a hotel industry expert in design and as residential / retail connoisseur from procurement, production and logistics we create beautiful rooms and spaces.

Hard-surfaces / Hardscapes

Our patented Natural Stone Pavers or any man-made material for interior or exterior are the best finishing for any project. Blue Coral will work with Design firms & Architects, Hoteliers, Developers,
Contractors, Builders, Installers with a core competence in unique & high quality and technical products. Our labor force also ready and available for implementation along with supplying and/or procuring any specified hard surface material’s on your project.

Counter Tops

We select the highest quality granite / marble or engineered counter top materials for the specified products. Our vast selection of readily available materials can be supplied as slabs
Or fabricated & finished as installation ready. Our labor force also ready and available for implementation along with supplying and/or procuring any specified counter top material’s on your project.

Furniture – Panel

Panel-type furniture is a kind of furniture made of MDF or particle board, manufactured with highest industry standards our selections of materials and finishes are used in many applications
From residential kitchens as cabinetry to Resort / Hotels rooms kitchenette, bedding, night stands, work-desk’s and more.
There are many finishes, designs and colors are available as well as custom sizing & designs. On-site delivery, assembly and installation is available, Please inquire.


We service all market segments within Hospitality industry,
here are some of our clients.
Please scroll down for completed project photo – galleries.

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